(update 27 Janvier 2020)
General Group Information:

Standards NtS version 4.0

The Commission Regulation (EU) 2018/2032 of 20 November 2018 amending Commission Regulation (EC) No. 416/2007 of 22 March 2007. This concerns the technical specifications for Notices to Skippers as referred to in Article 5 of Directive 2005/44/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on harmonised river information services (RIS) on inland waterways in the Community with the objective to support the safety of navigation and voyage planning.

The following documents are available for downloading:

Standards NtS version 3.0:

Standards NtS version 2.0:

Standards NtS version 1x:

NtS Encoding Guides

The NtS Encoding Guide explains the applicability of the four NtS Message types as well as codes to be used in case of certain events. It provides NtS editors with NtS Message editing instructions, thus allowing nationally and internationally harmonised encoding of NtS Messages. Considering the increased use of the NtS Web Service, NtS Messages shall be further harmonised to ensure proper display of content on third-party systems. Uniform encoding of messages is also a prerequisite for the consideration of messages in voyage planning applications. The NtS Encoding Guide version 1.0 applies to NtS XSD 4.0 and the NtS Web Service WSDL Two documents are available, as described below.

NtS Encoding Guide for editors:

The NtS Encoding Guide for editors is intended for personnel editing (and publishing) NtS Messages, including step-by-step creation instructions for the proper message types including specific examples as well as explanation of codes.

NtS Encoding Guide for application developers:

The NtS Encoding Guide for developers includes guidelines for NtS application implementation, explaining logic, processes and auto/default values.

Implementation status:

An evaluation of the implementation status of NtS in Europe, as well as the implementation status of the RIS Index, is carried out annually in the NtS Expert Group:

  • National NtS Service covered corridors, version of NtS Standard, implemented messages, way of distribution)
  • RIS Index (used versionavailabilitydate of publication etc.)
  • NtS deeplink table (register including direct links to RIS Services in European countries)
  • NtS Web Service and interconnections (which system [vertical axis] is requesting information from which data source [horizontal axis]), including:
      1. Spreadsheet “WSDL” includes Web Service interconnections in line with NtS XSD 3.0
      1. Spreadsheet “WSDL” includes Web Service interconnections in line with NtS XSD 4.0
      1. Spreadsheet “WS parameter OPERATIVE systems” includes the parameters of the operational national NtS data sources
      1. Spreadsheet “WS parameters TEST systems” includes the parameters of the national NtS test systems

The following additional information is available:

Reference data

The Notices to Skippers (NtS) Standard facilitates automatic translation of the most important part of the notices’ content, and a harmonised structure of datasets to facilitate the integration of notices in voyage-planning systems.

In order to provide automatic translation of content, NtS Reference Tables are used, including translations of NtS code values for 24 languages. The NtS Reference Tables are maintained by the NtS Expert Group and are part of the published technical specifications.

The NtS Reference Tables are available to download